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        中國產品網 - 產品行業門戶網站 !

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        你現在的位置: 首頁 > 產品展示 > 勞動保護用品 > > 倍思 收納便攜迷你防丟AP筆套AP pencil硅膠筆座(配硅膠筆帽)

        倍思 收納便攜迷你防丟AP筆套AP pencil硅膠筆座(配硅膠筆帽)

        發布日期:2022-07-30    深圳市宏龍動力科技有限公司




        : where the companys shipment of goods, in the sale or use of the process have quality problems or have less hair, please contact us, we will for the first time to you, and give you a satisfactory answer.



        1. Goods to arrive at the place of receipt, no matter outside the box is damaged, need to check out of the box, must face to face inspection check, after the confirmation sign, customer receipt after the default on the shipment of the product quantity and category has no objection, so after receipt does not accept a few goods complaints; if products because of transport problems produced damaged, please let the relevant transportation companies, according to the official seal of the proof, and this proved available to us, we assist clients claim; if the goods are damaged or lost caused by the logistics. We will not be liable for responsibility.



        2.long-term cooperation of wholesale customers and distribution customers we take long to take the long protection system. The customer goods with a small amount, we according to the relevant laws and regulations execution . Customers in product quality problems to return. Please use ordinary courier back to our company, to advance freight customers. If the customer not with the customer communication, direct return, we will not accept; my company does not receive pay.



        3. Buyers are not satisfied or not to sell, buy on the grounds that he was wrong, actually no quality problem, we will not return;


        4.保修產品需要在保修時間內退回,產品外觀完整可以保修。未經授權擅自修理、改裝; 未按正常方法使用、貯存的產品不在保修范圍內。

        4.warranty products need to return within the warranty period, the product appearance integrity can be guaranteed. To repair or modify without authorization; the products that are not used and stored in normal methods are not in the scope of warranty.

        • 深圳市宏龍動力科技有限公司 ( hldlkj.cccppp.com)
        • 聯系人:鐘巧琳
        • 地址:深圳市福田區華強北街道華強北路38號群星廣場A座33樓3317
        • -0755-82445338
        • 手機:13189751379
        • 網址:hldlkj.cccppp.com


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